Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter colors don't have to be dark ...

Flower Afghan Throw 005

Brighten up the Winter with flowers and bright colors on your bed!

While finally getting my bed ready for a long cold winter night this past weekend, I came across an afghan throw I crocheted years ago. In another lifetime. Another home. With someone else. I had put it away and hadn't taken it out in over 10 years. Not the afghan's fault. I just forgot about it. Until now.

Flower Afghan Throw 006

Crochet Intarsia!

It's like new again. A bright spot on a dreary Winter day or night. I'll lay on my bed and read a book ... if I'm not knitting. And there it is ... warm and cozy upon the foot of my bed. Waiting for me to cover up with it while I read. Yup, it has a new life.

Flower Afghan Throw 001

I'll be back next week ...

I'm taking a short break with a good book.

[ I know you will ask ... I'm on the 3rd book of The Twilight Saga.]

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Larry Lara said...

I love your intarsia crochet afghan, do you have the pattern or name of it? Thank you