Sunday, August 16, 2009

A beautiful weekend = relaxation!

I barely finished the Leaf Vine Hat on Friday night.

leaf lace hat

Saturday, I packed a lunch for DH and me to take with us out to the Salem Willows for a Jazz Festival. But drove around & around 4 times without finding a parking place. Not even handicap parking. Gave up the Willows but I felt we could stop somewhere to still have a picnic.

So I drove to a park in town called the Salem Commons ... no parking could be found there either. It was not very comfortable looking there by that time anyway. It was a very hot day. So then I drove over to Pickering Wharf and set up our 2 canvas chairs under the only group of trees around there to listen to a 2 person band play & sing Bob Dylan & Joan Baez type of music and eat our picnic lunch. Really nice and relaxing as a breeze came off of the Harbor waters. Music was even nice. We stayed for at least 2 hours. I brought my knitting but had forgotten it in the car. Didn't bother to go and get it. [no really, I forgot]

We enjoyed the AC when we got home. And just sat in to watch TV and this time I crocheted.

I didn't do a lot of housework.
But did just enough to get around the piles of "stuff" in progress.

Like the Megan Sweater from Blueprint Crochet that I started.

Megan Sweater

And just enough cleaning on the back patio to finally sit out there to relax and stitch for the first time this Summer. After blocking the Leaf Vine Hat ...


Yah, I know I started the Megan Sweater but
I want to get back to this Belaro soon also ...


I just have to find some more relaxing time ...

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