Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opps ... look what just fell off my needles!

See I'm still knitting too.

Here's the Cap that goes along with the Ragg Cape. Only I'm putting the hat in the Christmas basket for the grand children rather than for myself. That's why is looks a little small. There's more yarn for another hat too. Think I'll do a cable hat from the same book.

Ragg Cap for Christmas gift

What I'm planning to do is make as many different hats as I can before Christmas and bring them in a basket to the kids. I'll then let each of them pick out the one they like the most and of course fits the best. Will do that with everybody. Then ...

Ragg Cap for Christmas gift

any hats left over will be donated.

Now I think there's another one waiting to be cast on that I have to get back to. Did you think I was only crocheting?

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