Friday, August 14, 2009

I Crochet but I also knit & knit & knit ...

IMG_0763 ...

Cindy modeled my Ragg Cape last night. She thought it fit but I hope it doesn't and looks too big on her. Because I made it for ME you see. I'm probably twice the size of Cindy in circumference. So if it doesn't fit me; don't laugh.

Wearing my Ragg Cape

Okay it just barely fits but I'm hoping to loose some weight. Honestly I'm working on it. Always working on it anyways.

I really don't like the way the arms blocked...
Wearing my Ragg Cape

Baggy looking. So it's being re-blocked as I type.

Yesterday my colleagues at MIT Mathematics gave me [and another colleague] a "going away, so-long, good-luck" dessert party. They really surprised me with a super gift too. A 12 month membership in The Yarn of the Month Club. Every month I will receive four generous samples of the newest yarns available for the season. I can swatch with 'em and see how each feels and how each knits up. I've already received my 1st month of samples and this morning I knit 'em up. Blocking them now. But here's the pictures I took before blocking. I'll show "after" pictures later.


This one is made of Cotton and CORN ...



And I couldn't leave Community Knitting at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn last night without buying something ...

Like 15 hanks of Spud & Chloe ...


The cardigan? Oh it's Megan from Blueprint Crochet.

So, can you guess that today I'm going to crochet?

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