Sunday, March 26, 2006

Am I finished yet?

As you've seen in the previous post, I haven't followed the advise of this cross stitch on a regular basis. Even tho it's hanging on my wall and I did the cross stitch myself. It's not embedded into my brain yet. Ah well ... I keep trying. But a neat-nic, I'm not!

Okay, I finally did get serious yesterday and started my organizing scheme. Not that this book helped me much {can you IMAGINE? ... this book really is a part of my library?} and I didn't even drink the bottle of wine sitting next to it either. Nooooo, really I didn't! I just put it there for looks. Ah come on, of course I didn't drink it. Okay, I'll prove it. Here are the pictures of my work area all organized cleaned up and ready for my next sewing project. I'm so proud of it.
I bet you think I just covered up that mess I had on those shelve, right? Okay, I'll open the curtain ... and look ... an empty shelf! Fourth shelf from the bottom on the left. Small books can go there and I know just the books.... it'll be filled by tonight, LOL.
No more empty shelf and then there's the area behind the bookcases. That's where I iron & block my work. Notice my "story board"... when I'm working on something that isn't completed but it's blocked or when I have pieces that need to be arranged before I put them together, they go on my story board. I step back & make my decisions after looking at it for awhile. Or just decorate the board and it covers up what's behind it, LOL.

Here's an idea to use when organizing [as well as keeping a record of those swatches]. I knit up the 4 inch swatch, wash & block and then staple the yarn's label to the back with the needle size & gauge I got. It's now a permanent record that I might even print a picture of what I make, laminate the picture and tie it with the swatch. I will then get a binder with plastic sleeves to put the swatch & picture in. Here are pictures of the front & back of the first one I did...

And where do I keep my Stash... either in a plastic bin or a hat box with cedar chips. I need to find my easy chair and some knitting now. That's where my knitting supplies like needles, holders, etc. are kept. M-m-m-m, as a matter of fact, I need to make that my next clean-up and organize project.
When will it end?

Well, no more energy to clean... or talk about it. Time to do some Happy Knitting!


Cynthia said...

Rhondaaaaaa, impressive job! Your room looks great; so inviting. I love the idea about the swatches - think I may have to borrow this one. I have swatches with all my finished projects but I do love this idea. Hey and now that you have done all that organizing you are so ready to get going and knit, knit, knit!

JulieLoves2Knit said...

I love the swatch and ball band idea - I'm not that organized!
Your work area looks wonderful!!!

Julia said...

Good work! You deserve a treat!

Shelley said...

I need to get my stuff organized too...hmm, I know...YOU could do it for me since you seem to be on a roll!! lol