Thursday, March 09, 2006

Knitting never ends ...

I hung the knitted rug up now that it's blocked and dried. Gives a nice bright touch to the bath area don't you think? This will be our winter rug. A friend made a quilted bath bath mat for us to use during the summer. I like that also .... thanks Sammie!

Here's the Irish Walking Scarf in progress only 2 days ago. Just finally downloaded the picture because now it's on the blocking board as you see below. The color looks different only because of the lighting. It's really more like the 'in-progress' picture. I like the blue and plan to make a cardigan to go with it. I'll show you the pattern later. Paula suggested I also make a headband to go with it ... thanks a lot Paula, good idea.

So I'll be working on two sweaters at one time. Have I become obsessed or what?

Happy knitting!


Cynthia said...


I love the bath mat! I never think to knit things to walk on - always think it isn't a good use of my time...I may seriously have to reconsider - it looks great! I love the scarf too! I was checking out your other knits; you rock! The vest is beautiful. I am adding you to my blog list - your work is terrific; congratulations!

Shelley said...

The rug looks so nice and colourful!

Your scarf is looking gorgeous! It brings back such fond memories of when I made mine a couple weeks back lol. Great job, and I love the colour of blue!