Saturday, March 25, 2006

Organize? So where do I START?!!

JulieLoves2Knit had a good idea to get organized this weekend and since we both had the same idea at the same time [great minds are known to "think alike"] I'm going to show both before and after pictures. So I better start with some "before" pictures so you & I will know what I have to deal with here. This is NOT a wimpy job. Nor is it a job for the wimpy. This weekend will be the basement to be tackled or at least the bookcase in the sewing area. But before I start posting the "before" pictures, I should post the picture of the ONE bookcase I have already gotten organized. Like Julie, I put all of my magazines & patterns from the Internet into binders with labels to identify what is in which binder. I also tried to store each craft on it's own shelf... but knitting & crochet did get a shelf together for the binders. Okay, so you'll know what I mean, here's the picture... Hey, that REALLY is neat & organized! You should have seen it before I started a MONTH ago. There's a close- up of my binders below ...

Now this doesn't even show you the bookcase where all of my knitting books are kept ... but that's another area I'll get to later. I do list all my books in
That's one of my organizing suggestions, Julie.
A major one ... before I buy any new books, I check my library/inventory on my knitting books in to see if I don't already have it. As you see, I have so many books, it's very easy to forget that I already have it [somewhere]. It's saved me a duplicate purchase a few times already. This bookcase contains most of my magazine binders and books on crochet, embroidery and cross-stitch.

Now for the bookcase I'm organizing TODAY. It contains crafting supplies along with books on quilting & sewing. Maybe even a few other misc. subjects. Here's some pictures ...

So I guess I better get busy, huh?

But before I do, here's one more picture... it's of the postcards my friend, Samantha from Florida makes. She's a quilter and has gotten into designing and making the fabric postcards. Aren't they neat?
Just like "little pieces of art"! ...


FemiKnitMafia said...

Rhonda, you are truly inspiring. I was thinking about doing some reorganizing this weekend, but now I've got the bug. Although you're MUCH more daring than I am. I won't be showing BEFORE shots. :-)
I'm so JEALOUS of your crafty space. Everything is shoved into a closet in my house, and I have to drag it out everytime I want to use it. Oh yeah, and put it all back when I'm done (which rarely happens). Such a PITA. This is motivation to start saving for a house so I can have a 'craft room.'
Have a great weekend! I'll be watching for those AFTER photos.

Cynthia said...

Gee Rhonda if I had that room I am not sure I would ever be coming out of it! My yarn I have organized and my books too but the one thing I have never done (laziness mostly) is type out a list of all my knitting and craft books. Gonna have to work on that. You will have to check me out on April 1 (Flash Your Stash); while organized it is a large large amount of wool. Have a great weekend - I love your space!

thistlegirl said...

I'm drooling over your bookshelves and organization. It's wonderful.

Thanks for the comment on my stash. I'm just getting started!