Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lucky Hearts, do you want a Contest?

This message in Red is what I got from Seed Stitch Fine Yarn ...

Can you guess how many felted hearts we have in the store?
Come in and search around the store for our handmade felted hearts. If you think you know how many "hearts" there are jot your name, e-mail address and amount down on our entry slip and on February 14th at 12 noon we will announce the "lucky love" contestant.

Winner will receive the Seed Stitch Fine Yarn's "Sweetheart" Valentine's gift.

I thought about you, Dorothy and how unfair you felt it was because you don't live around here to go into the store. It was a tease that I told you all about it, I know. And funny that you just left a comment about letting the kids run "wild" at the keyboard, LOL. And I don't want to try Shelley's patients any longer either, hehe. I know she wants to play. But I have been busy at work and had to wait until lunch or a break to post this. Okay, here goes.

My contest is called "Lucky Felted Heart Contest"

Here are pictures of the inside of Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. And just a few of the hearts ... there are others peaking out from amongst the yarn goodies and all. With all that color I was too distracted to get close up pictures. People might have thought I was a spy or something. But here are three pictures to show you the inside of the store. Not a really BIG store, altho it's long. It's very neat and orderly. All the hearts were spotted along the walls with the yarn and displays, tucked in here and there or hung about where you least expect 'em.

So here's MY contest. For all the people [like Dorothy & Shelley] who can't make it into the Seed Stitch, just leave me a comment on how many hearts you think might be in the store.

I know this will be just a guess for you all. But believe me, I can only guess myself. I'll give you some of the clues that I have tho ... Such as, there were 8 of us knitting hearts in one afternoon on January 28 to be displayed February 1st [and were told that others who could not make it, of which I don't have any idea how many, were knitting some hearts as well]. A few of us took our yarn home to finish knitting more hearts. The hearts are of all different sizes & more colors than just Red. I saw pink & purple also. But the one big clue I can give you is: the Stitchingnut knit up 5 hearts in all.

So make your guess and leave me a comment. The one who guesses the closest to the correct answer as Victoria will announce to us on February 14 will WIN!

What will you win? Oh ya, you want to win something don't you.

Well I knit some of my own hearts from my stash of wool and decided to decorate them with needle felted pictures. Sheep of course. Here are a few. I have at least 3 more to finish.

I sent out one to my daughter, one to my best friend Sammie, and one to a blog friend. Have another blog friend to get one later when I send out another package of blanket squares to her. And of course one will be for me. That means I'll still have a few left over. Sooooooo ....

The winner will get to pick! I'll post the pictures then but here are all of the hearts I've made so far. Good luck!!!

Oh BTW, the smallest of the hearts I made into pins. The larger ones can be hung on door knobs, drawer knobs, on walls or the front door. They were fun to make and I hope you have fun joining in. Happy Valentine's Day!


Cynthia said...

Rhonda you are such a big "hearted" woman....LOL. Good luck with the contest! I am going to guess 50.

Your hearts are adorable.

Sarah said...

Those are adorable. I want to touch them!

I guess 83 hearts.

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh, those hearts of yours are so cute - especially the ones with sheep!!

Hmmm...how many guesses do we get? I will guess 100

Julia said...

Rhonda, you are such a talented person! I love the hearts, but I'm less optimistic than the others, so I'm only guessing 33. It's my lucky number!

Dorothy said...

Awesome! Now I can play too!

I love your hearts, they are so cute.

I'm going to guess 68. It looks like a very nice store. It's very cool having contests like that.

Kim said...

What a nice contest! I guess 72.

Chicken Betty said...

Oh Holy Crap I have to have one of those sheepies! Rhonda those are fantastic and you should open an Etsy shop!!
Ok, okay - I guess...uhhhhhmmmm
37 - my seventh grade crush's bus number

Sandy said...

Wow, y'all...I only saw 5! I think I need new glasses though. LOL.
What I cute store....I sure wish we had a LYS.
The sheepy hearts are ADORABLE!! Great job!

Katie said...

I will hazard a guess of 31, because no one else has yet. Love the sheep!

Sandy said...

Well, I was wondering if this will be like The Price is Right. You know, the one who comes closest without going over! Lol Ha ha ha! Just kidding realy.
Ok I looked closer at the clues, and here's my uneducated guess...
63. My first car was made in '63..and it seems mathematically feasable according to the clues I saw.
Oh those sweet little lambs need good homes, don't they?

Dipsy said...

A contest? Yay for contests! ;))) My guess is... 54!

FemiKnitMafia said...

You've done such a nice job with those hearts, and I have a perfect recipient in mind.

I'll guess 57.

Susan said...

Err my guess is 25

heide said...

I haven't done any needle felting in about 18 months and your adorable hearts are really tempting me to pull out my #38 star tipped needles and start poking away! My guess (without looking at the pictures) would be 52 hearts adorning your shop. Happy Valentine's Day!

monica said...

Ok and what fun I am going to guess 62 Those are very pretty hearts.

ikkinlala said...

I'm guessing 41 pretty hearts.

Have a happy Valentine's day!