Sunday, February 25, 2007

So you think I'm weird do ya?

I've been tagged a number of times. But I resisted doing this. Why?

Because it takes too much thinking? Writing it all down? Or maybe because there's nothing really weird about me?

No, I think it's because I just find it hard to face the facts. That's right. Hard facts to face. But Cynthia and all of my other Blog friends like Dipsey Doodle, Anny Purls & others who have tried to tag me before this [and I turned away ignoring them] have persisted with this Six Weird Things About Me list. So now I'm finally looking at myself straight in the eye and admitting...

I'm just as weird as the rest of you!

Six Weird Things About Me

  1. I love using dpn’s. Yah, I know that’s weird because so many knitters try to avoid them. I use to be one of them. They insist on using 2 circs for toe-up for socks or the magic loop for instance. Two circs is what I used when I learned how to knit socks three years ago. But then … I discovered Bamboo! I use them all the time now and I don’t mind dpn’s at all. In fact, I LIKE them!

  1. I love to get up at 4:00 AM. That’s right … in the Morning! I’ve been that way ever since I was a kid. I’d get up at that time to study for a test in school or just to read. After a night’s rest, my mind & eyes were not in a fog and I could remember MORE than if I had studied the night before. [I graduated with honors BUT had to WORK for it.] Once I was married and had my own place I continued to get up at that time. I wake up with no alarm clock. That's right. Don’t need one. No one else is up – just me and my coffee and my knitting [or any kind of stitching]. Peace & quiet or with the news on TV. I love sunsets, but sunrises even more. It’s the best time of the day!

  1. Now I was going to say that my love of all kinds of ethnic foods was something weird about me, or the fact that I’m allergic to clams [not shrimp or crab][clams can kill my Dad & I inherited that allergy] but – even more weird than those facts, the only food I hate … really hate …well it's Lobster. Here I was born in New England – land of the real lobster lovers – and I hate it. Something about the smell bothers me. I love Crab but my nose cannot get near a Lobster. I love the taste of crab, especially the blue crab, but I hate the texture when chewing yuck ... Lobster.

  1. When I go walking I have to take my camera. Wherever I go, my camera is with me. I spot something interesting, unusually or just pretty, I love getting a snap shot of it. Like people's front doors … or stain glass windows or just unusual windows. Flowers or flower gardens, butterflies or dragonflies … if it catches my eye, I take a picture. Now this isn’t too unusually now that I live in a tourist attraction place like Salem, Ma. A lot of people walk around with a camera around their neck. So no one looks at you funny when you take pictures of just about everything. But when I lived in Winthrop, Ma ... that was when I noticed the interesting front doors and the stain glass windows on all the old Victorian style homes ... well I got plenty of funny looks. But taking pictures made my walks more interesting. Right?

  1. I have a nervous “tick” – clearing my throat. On high pollen days I also blink my eyes a lot, but the worse thing is clearing my throat all the time. I know I do it, but I have no control over it. I always feel like something is stuck in my throat. But it’s worse when I’m nervous. And I want to stop, but if I think about it, it gets worse. Any ideas on how to stop me from doing this – I’d love to hear it.

  1. Oh thank goodness, I’m on the last one. Really hard thinking and coming up with the weirdness about me when I’m so NORMAL ;-) [Yah sure]. Okay, last but not least … I twirl my hair. Have always done it. I’m now age 58 and I still do it. Mostly with my right hand but sometimes I’ll switch to my left. Lift a clump with my thumb and twirl between my thumb & fingers. I’ve only met one other person that does it but I’ve seen a few others in public that do it and I wanted to say “Hey I twirl my hair too!” But I don't and in 58 years I’ve only seen very few. I heard somewhere that this hair-twirling-thing means that I’m “re-directing” my thoughts or making mental plans or forcing myself to direct my thoughts to something on my mind for clarity. Maybe. Well I think I just find it soothing. Relaxing. Calming. But...

At least I don’t suck my thumb anymore!

Well not while I'm knitting anyway. [Okay, TAG -- you're it]


jackie said...

Look you're weirder than you thought!
But I never knew the liking DPN's made you weird. I tried the two circs and the magic loop (soooo many people were raving about it) and I'm back to my DPN's for what little knitting I do. So I'm weird with you on that one.

crissy said...

what the heck arre you my twin long lost or what LOL
i am not allergic to clams thank god.
live with my cell phone so i can take pictures too where ever i am when i had a good digital camera i was known to take up to 300 pictures of one event LOL would come away with one good picture of it all i liked.
and i get up at 4 am every day weather i want to or not habits of a cooks wife. and no alarm clock here either. LOL had to make the am coffee and take it to him he never asked it was just something i thought a wife should do.
my collection of dps is growing a few more and i will have all the sizes i want. or think i need LOL
nothing weird about you gf at our age i think were rather the normal ones LOL

Dipsy said...

I so enjoyed reading through your "weird" things! With #1 and #2, we might be long lost sisters, could it be? ;) Really! But okay, 4 am would be a tad early for me, I'd go for 4.30 or 5, but still... What we're really different with is the lobster-thing - I soooo love lobster, yummy! But I can well imagine that you're disgusted with it, just the mere thought of how it's prepared is not really funny, as well as the smell, probably... So when I come over one day and we'll get to meet, I'll make sure not to eat masses of lobster in front of you - I promise! ;)

FemiKnitMafia said...

I twirl my hair too! I was doing it during a business meeting a few weeks ago, and I noticed someone noticing. Kinda embarassing.

Anonymous said...

I love using DPNs too. I tried a tiny circular for doing socks, and after two hours and about half an inch of knitting I had shooting pains in my hands and arms.

Went back to my DPNs, and I'd done a few inches in half the time, and no pains.

Susan from Celadon Pool

Cynthia said...

Ah Rhonda you aren't that wierd; I actually think getting up at 4am qualifies you as crazy....LOL.

I would not be able to function.

I am a circular needle convert...totally love them. but I still have a bizillion DPN's.

Dorothy said...

My husband once told me that he is going to be one of those old men who get up and 5:00am and go to bed at 9:00pm. Right before he went to bed at 9:30pm after a long day that started at 5:15am. I think that time of day is for the birds and I would rather sleep.

Girly twirls her hair when she is really tired.

DebbieKnitter said...

My son clears his throat too ALL the time and high pollen days are really bad for him too. SO that's not weird at all ;) My mother-in-law moans when she chews *I am just CRACKING up while I type this* ....she DOES, it drives all of us NUTS, now THAT'S weird *grin*