Monday, September 03, 2007

Finish one, start two or more ...

I've managed to finish a WIP ... the Lily Chin Manhantan Convertable Jacket. Not sure if I like it on me. Sleeves feel too short when they're down. I'm thinking I'll tack them up with a cuff and have them be 3/4 sleeves. What do you think? Of course it'll look better once I loose some more weight. Which, as you know, I'm working on. I want this jacket to fit for next Summer...
Convertable Sweater Convertabel Sweater

Here's how it looks wearing it on the long side with the sleeves rolled into a cuffs.

Convertable sweater finished Convertable sweater finished

And this is wearing it on the short side with the sleeves down. They don't really come to my wrists and therefore I feel like I need to keep pulling them down. Oh ... Rhonda's trying to give the DH her "come hither" look. LOL, but I think her "come hither" days are over.

Campanula sock I got to the heel on my Campanula socks but didn't get any further because I couldn't resist starting something else.

So even tho I got one project done [and I'm not saying how many more to go], I started two more projects this weekend. Finally, my first Clapotis ... [added note: many of you have guessed correctly ... this yarn is Lorna's Laces. Lion & Lamb as a matter of fact.]

The colors are so nice ... Clapotis

And Sock Earrings. Of course I started and finished these earrings in about 2 hours. I'm mailing them out to a friend tomorrow. This friend did something nice for me, so this is a "thank you". So watch your mailbox ...
sock earrings ... it might be you!
But this might have added fuel to my "Single Sock Syndrome" ... SSS

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