Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Muse Made Me Do It ...

JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk Yarn Available in 2/18 Lace Weight and DK Weight

Muse in My Yarn
Full of color, yards of magic abound;
In baskets, boxes and trees all around.
Such a feeling I have never enough.
Do I imply that I could need more stuff?
Two or three more cones or skeins wouldn’t hurt,
Not like taking huge helpings of dessert.
Without touching its lingering fine thread
Wonder escapes me in this late, late hour;
My imagination a lifeless flower.
Like a Greek daughter presiding over art,
Morpheus releases my memory,
Spinning my threads like thunderbolts in parts.
But it is not the needles I seek out,
Only the yarn that I have dreamt about.

A sonnet by Kathy Pearson
Cordova, TN. U.S.A. found at KNITBITS

But not everything that came in the mail this week was from my muse forcing me into more stash-ing ... I got this yarn below as winnings from the Campanula Sock KAL contest.

Sock yarn ... Dyed in the Wool Handmade. Oops, I forgot to write the color down, but looking at their colors I think this one has got to be the "Peacock" teals. Such lovely yarn! And a color I don't think I have. [Don't you hold me to that Mafia, in case I have something similar somewhere under the bed, in the closet, cedar chest, bureau drawer. But.I.don']


And a really beautiful glass marker was part of the prize too. I'm using it with the DK weight zephyr above in the center of the top picture for my S.P.'s Scarf in the International Scarf Exchange 5 . The yarn color is Iris. Purple/Blue. Just like my garden Iris'.


Hope she likes it.

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