Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm going to needle you now ...

My 2nd needle felting class given at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn is now complete. Four of the ladies from my first class came to the workshop today to do more projects. I got out my color palette bag this morning ...

Fiber color palette and created ... I love sheep

a little sample piece for my winter felted hat, in order to show what can be done with a few pieces of felt and fiber and a very sharp needle. It still needs more work, but it was just a sample created this morning.

Below is what the class did in only a 3 hour workshop at that. Needle felting takes a LOT of needle punching by the way. I would say they are all very talented artists. I know they wouldn't all agree, but someday they'll realize that they really are. I love what they all accomplished. What do you think ... some beautiful work right?

Pam's light house

Dottie working on her needle holder

Anna's daisy felt picture

Leanne's sheepy clutch

Katie's sunflower felted bag

And then I spent all of my money on another bag for myself.

I am officially a colorful "Bag Lady" now ...

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