Friday, October 05, 2007

And it's not about knitting ...

What? No knitting. Oh, a Parade ...

Yup, it's that time of year again. When all good goblins and witches come out to haunt Salem, MA for the month of October. And they kick it off with a parade every year on the first Thursday of October for all the area school children. Big and little. After that there's some sort of event right up through Halloween night. The traffic is horrendous ... but what a fun City to live in. Here's just a little show of last night ... starting out with the Mayor and her family. [Oh BTW, they always have a theme and this year it was "The Wizard of Oz"]

Click on this link:
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And speaking of a non-knitting post. Did you know that I have a hobby? No not knitting. Knitting is my Life. I do photography for fun.

The magazine editor from New England Ancestors wrote and asked if they could use one of the photographs that I took from my Virtual Tourist website. Of course, I said yes and here's the article that went with it. I was just holding off from saying anything until they sent a couple of copies of the issue when it came out. Cool huh? PDRM1943

Do you want to see a close up of the picture? Okay

Here it is ...

It looks even more provocotive in the black & white print in the magazine.

Perfect for the Halloween City, don't you think?

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