Saturday, October 06, 2007

Today was filled with blue skies and ...

DH and I just got back from the Topsfield Fair in Danvers, Massachusetts. And I am so, so, SO tired. Whoa, it was a nice sunny beautiful blue sky day. But between the heat and all the walking, I just might go to bed early tonight. I'm ready to collapse right now in fact. But what about the tea cozy did you say?

Oh ya, about the news flash ...

Here's just a couple of the lovely Volunteers that watched over all the entries and especially my tea cozy. Although there's a rumor it might not be there when I go to pick it up on Tuesday, I just know that these really nice, pleasant, happy stitcher's wouldn't let that happen. They were a lot of fun to talk too and they were trying to talk me into being a volunteer next year. I can't just yet because I work fun time as you all know ... but I will definitely consider it when I retire in a few years. What fun would that be right? After passing out a few Moo Cards, I have a feeling I just might hear from the girls again about volunteering. The ladies all made a really good pitch you know. And I really want to do it ... but I'll be making other entries for the next few years first. Then I'll join them in the "corral"! Or was that the "playpen"? [hehe, I think it was]

Did I promise to tell you about the tea cozy?

Do you want to see the ribbon(s)? ...

1. First Place in it's category ...


2. Best of Show. How cool is that? Gives me goose bumps.
In fact, I don't think I could ever top that again.

So my "Little Felt-tea Farm Tea Cozy" now goes into retirement.

She'll be keeping my tea warm from now on.


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