Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Year of the Scarf/Wrap is here!

Last year I went into a frenzy to knit and mass produce ... fingerless gloves. That's right. A pair for everybody. I knit 27 ... make that TWENTY SEVEN ... pairs. Granted, two pair were for me but I gave away the rest for Christmas gifts. What ever got into me, I don't know.

And this year? This year is quickly becoming the year of the scarf slash wrap. I consider wraps as being somewhat like a scarf. You can wear it around your shoulders, but also around your neck as a scarf. Hence, the Scarf/Wrap. Well I have finished ... oh a few. Let's see ... It started with the Silk Haze tube scarf. Which I did finish and it is for me. Tube Scarf

And then I started planning for this year's Christmas gifts. But have only finished one so far. The Clapotis scarf ... my Clapotis
That's right. As beautiful as it is, I plan to give it away. To someone special of course. Nope. Can'

But behold all the scarf/wraps presently on the needles or in unfinished stages ...
Modern Quilt Wrap
Vine scarf

But all of these didn't keep me from casting on this one this past Monday ...
scarf for Dee

And behold the yarn waiting in the wings ... to be cast on at any moment.
Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky Oooooo, that's Alpaca.
And more Alpaca ... PDRM1293_edited

Out of all those, one is for the International Scarf Exchange. One is for me but I'll keep you guessing on which one that might be. But most will be gifts. IF ... I can finish in time!

All of this craziness going on behind the scenes at the StitchingNut's home ... but here's something that I finished ... yes, it's knit with the dreaded acrylic. But washable for a baby. It's an Afghan for James Henry ... knit by Great-Grandma!baby afghan

And up close ... it's purrrty. close up of baby afghan

Only took me nine months to knit! M-m-m-m, wait ... I think this pattern would be really nice in a scarf too. Don't you think so?

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