Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting is trying to take over my life ...

Do I mean it hasn't already? I might be knitting too much you say? Well I do take an occasional break. Like this past weekend ...

I promised some pictures of the new wee one and the visit with grandkids. so here's a couple of Jayden & James.

Wait a minute. Will the real Jayden Munchkin please step forward?

Now that's more like it, LOL.

And James Henry wants to know who that strange lady is.

Well ...... I just have so much to do right now. I figure I need a break away from the computer and will just dive into my knitting and get it all done. Well the Christmas gifts anyways. After all ... most are Christmas gifts right now and it's not far away now right? I don't want to be in a panic come the last few days before Christmas day, now do I. We all do it. But not this year, I won't be included. Not intentionally anyways.

You don't expect me to join you in your misery do you?
(Oh, you do huh!)

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