Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Catching up on the ABC along ...

N = Nesting Wool.

I bought this ball of wool fiber at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival this year to provide warm stuffing for the birds to build their nests with. It gives me a warm and cozy feeling every time I look at it, knowing I'm helping to keep some little baby birds in a soft and warm bed while they grow up.

Wool Ball for the Birds


O = Ocean view.

When Bill and I were vacationing in Ogunquit, Maine [oh duh, O = Ogunquit too] one year the weather was stormy the whole time we were there. But it was still beautiful to take pictures of while we walked the Marginal Way, beaches, through town or sitting at our Ocean front Bed & Breakfast. I have fond memories of this vacation while we sat in a tower room reading and watching the storm outside and marveling at the sunset together.

God willing, we must go back there again!

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