Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shhhh... it might be a Christmas gift.

I intend to finish this scarf for one of my step daughters ...


It's an Evelyn Clark Designs ... the Elvera Lace Scarf.


My DSD loves purple and also lace; so it's perfect for her don't you think? My other DSD loves Red or Pink and if you remember right, I had knit the Scrunchable Scarf in Red for her back in May when I had decided to get a head start on Christmas gifts.

But I have other works in progress also ... such as the Colourscape Grace Shawl knit from the design collection created for Kaffe Fassette's new yarn. I'm loving it so far! But this is definitely for me. I'll be wearing it to the Kaffe Fassette lecture in October being sponsored by Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem, MA. Well ... if I get it done in time that is.


PDRM4423_edited And I did go to Beadworks to pick out a new bead color for the Mystery Stole 4 [still time to sign up] project since the garnet red beads were not going to work because of their shape. I'm told it would distort the design. Sooooo, I picked out a totally and I mean totally different color. I decided to go with a high contrast ... the complimentary color for the Cinnabar Red yarn that is. So here is my choice ...


Do you think I could have it done in time for Christmas ...
for Me to wear that is?

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