Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We bought our 1962 faded white aluminum sided house about 5 years ago ...

Our house when we bought it

And last year we finally updated to vinyl siding in the color of our choice with green shutters to dress it up a bit. It looked nice but we knew it still needed the protection of a new roof since the one we had was starting to deteriorate also. The old siding was turning gray because the white was turning to powder and the gray aluminum was showing through. Time to upgrade. [kind of how my body feels right now ... time to upgrade]

After new siding and shutters were installed

So this past weekend ... with the help of my wonderful SIL and a good friend [I'd like to adopt him] ... we got a new roof put on. One that matches the siding.

getting a new roof

To surprise my DH when he gets home and of course and to protect us from bad weather in the future. But I couldn't resist, I showed the DH some pictures and he said ....

With a new roof put on!

"You made a great choice!"

with a new roof

Boy did that ever make me happy ...
my knitting needles can click away now!

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Allyson Ripple said...

Your new roof is wonderful! It added life to the overall look and appeal of your house. I must say that with the new roof and siding, your house looks like fresh, clean, and new. Good job!

-Allyson Ripple