Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knitting behind the scenes ...

As usual lately, I've been too busy to write much on my blog. First it was the delay in downloading my pictures from my new camera. Got a new Canon digital. Love it too ... but as always, it takes awhile to learn to use new digital gadgets and to set up & learn new software too. I'm still learning. Second reason I've stayed away is that I'm not only doing more knitting for the holidays, but I'm also getting over to see the DH whenever I can. Sometimes I just sit and knit while he reads a magazine or watches TV. If I ask him if he just doesn't want to talk, he says ... "Sometimes you just need a 'Say Nothing' day." How right is that, huh? Works for me.

So here's my pictures of a new scarf I knit. My friend, Cindy is modeling it. I not sure if I want to gift this scarf. Nope ... my thought is to wear it myself. It's a fun one and I have another in the bag that's almost done already. Might gift that one. See the specs below the picture ...


ONline Linie 194 Solo
4 skeins = 88.0 yards (80.5m)
0201 Black & White
Needle used: US 9 / 5.5mm

BTW, it's not much of a pattern. You just cast on the number of stitches you want. In this case, I cast on 9 stitches ... which was only picking the stitches up along the top of the ribbon mesh yarn. When I got two balls knit on, I then cast on the other side and knit until those 2 where almost all used up and then I weaved the two ends together for the middle of the scarf that goes behind your neck. This makes both ends the same width and all. See?



capelette for mom And guess what ... I also finished an UFO. The All Ruffled Up Cape for my Mom for Christmas. Once again, Cindy was my model.


This is such a cute picture, Cindy.

Needles used:
US 8 / 5.0 mm

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (Aran)
7 skeins = 504.0 yards (460.9m)
And she even showed me how it can look cute as a skirt too. Well ... it does on her but Mom is built like me and ... well ... well, you get the idea.


I also got a better picture of my Woodland Shawl.



Speaking of crochet ... I finished two crocheted scarves this weekend ... but once again, my pictures are sitting in the camera.

Just where does the time go?

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