Monday, November 24, 2008

Fly-by-knitting spree ...

and a wonderful time with a charming lady!

I amazed myself when I found 5 of Louisa Harding's books in my home library [who knew I would have that many?] and heck, I had to buy one more before the weekend was over too. Louisa signed them all!

Book signing & knitting with Louisa

Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and the Greater Boston Knitting Guild hosted the visit from Louisa this past weekend. I was happy to get my books signed on Friday night and go out to dinner with her and a couple of the girls who work at SSFY. We went to A Passage to India Restaurant. Yummy! And we had a lot of laughs and discussions about design, fiber and other miscellaneous subjects. I think we even talked about kids and grandkids at some point, LOL.

Louisa Harding

A workshop on the Juliet Scarf was held on Saturday and I stopped by when they were done. Sounded like everyone had a wonderful time. Once again we had a lovely dinner. This time at the Lyceum. More fiber discussions and the time just flew right by!

I then attended the Sunday workshop for the Charlotte Purse.
a sample
With a full class and a lot of enthusiastic knitters all working on a their own creation. Here's a sampling of our day ...

Louisa Harding's purse workshop

Knitting with Louisa Harding

Louisa and class paticipant Knitting on our purses
Rhonda's bag Dottie's bag
Kitty's bag Knit in one afternoon

Did I mention that a couple in our "Knitting Kittens" group was there? We're part of the Thursday night Community Knitting group that get together an extra night to continue our shenanigans with knitting. They've been my life savers these past five months.

Kitty and Dottie in Louisa's workshop

And before Louisa left she was gracious [brave] enough to get into a picture with the StitchingNut. Mei.

StitchingNut meets Louisa Harding

Well if only I could keep a straight face and stop all that laughing ...

Shall we use Cashmere for earrings?

Must of been the cashmere behind me that was tickling the back of my neck, huh? Couldn't be because I'm such a "ham" ...

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