Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Humming a catchy tune ...

There's a wedding shower in July that I'm going to. I don't know the bride but I'm friends with her future MIL. What should I make for a bride I don't know?

Why not a lace garter belt? [well I got the idea from her knittin' future MIL]


A keepsake. It'll just take a little time to make ... using my Mags of course. What have I gotten myself into?

How about a Contest?

What do you suppose this pile of knitting pictured below is for? What am I making?


No idea?

Shall I have a contest? First one to tell me what this pile of knitting will be ...
will get a prize. Now I just have to come us with a prize.

Unless ...

there is no winner. [Nah, not possible] I think I have a knitting magazine for a prize. So I'll hunt it down to take a picture while you put in your guesses. As a matter of fact, if more than one person guesses correctly, I'll draw a name for the winner.

In the meantime ... listen to a catchy tune.

I love Shaun!!!

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