Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm on the floor in stitches!

Have you had your Shreddies today?

Can you just imagine the skill it must take to knit Shreddies?

I must find a way to attend Camp Shreddies too. See the following. Anybody else with me? Don't forget to bring knitting needles. Oh what fun we'll have!

And I've GOT TO FIND some of those Shreddies!!! For my diet you know. Put some dance steps to my knitting too. Oh by the way ... I'm knitting on a STABILITY BALL. Also known as a Swiss or Yoga Ball. One of those balls anyways. I'm getting LEAN while I knit, LOL. I just started today. Really. No, REALLY!! Haha, my daughter suggested it and as long as I don't knit lace ... it's fun. [ Well, as long as I'm not laughing on the floor.]

Hahahahaha, I want ta dance too. Make me a Knittin' Nana!

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