Thursday, June 11, 2009

No winner yet ...

and I would love to give something away. How about this Vogue Magazine? It's an extra one I have so I'd like to see it go to someone who could use it. I love Vogue!

Vogue Knitting

Do you have any idea of what I'm knitting? Here are some samples yet to be completed. I used left-over yarn on some. Trying to come up with the perfect combo. There's more than one part to this knit and I will give some away as gifts. Leave your guess in the comments. Deadline is ... June 29. ... [One year anniversary of my DH's emergency brain surgery.] [By the way, he's doing great! He's still recovering but has gone way past the expectations of all his doctors.]


Time to stop playing around and get back to my knitting.

Grammy and Jayden (age 3)

I have my hands full with all that I've already started ...

But am I telling you anything you didn't already know?

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