Thursday, June 25, 2009

Surfing the Web for Knits

Have you ever searched about the Web and found some unbelievable stuff? Knit stuff? Weither you wanted to knit it or not, you found it? I think I've been spending too much time knitting on this sock. I keep falling asleep while I'm knitting on the train lately ... it should be done already and it's only the 1st sock in a pair.

Galastic socks

Well check out the Weekly DIY Roundup: Funny Knit Patterns.
From May 15, 2009. How did I miss this?

Frankly ... there are some knitters out there with far more time on their hands than I have!

A friend just sent me this link: Trendy Sweater? I bet only a machine could produce that much icord [idiot cord]. Something had to be done with it right?

Now that I've picked myself up off the floor ... have a good weekend my knitting friends. [I don't work on Fridays. I mean; my regular job work.]

I'm going home to knit.

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