Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Creativity muddling my mind ...

Is that my excuse for taking so long to finish my Maxine Hat?

After all; I gave her a shave already and she's dry.


And there she sits waiting for me to come up with embellishments. Some fluff to give her style and her own personality. But the ideas and designs are just whirling around in my head. Nothing concrete has been implemented yet.

Okay, I know I've finished some stuff first; the Debbbie Bliss Shawl and the Wedding Garter ...

IMG_0567 ... IMG_0586

But whatever made me pick up the crocheted shawl from my Missing-in-Action Basket? The most boring project on the face of the planet.

crochet stole

Am I avoiding the challenge of living up to .... THE Felt-tea Farm Tea Cozy?


Oh the pressure!

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