Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's called "fudging it" ...

But alas I got the Aztec scarf finished and blocked. The "fudging" involved my changing the directions on the finish a little.

What did I do to give myself more yarn? And how much did I have left?

First I'll show you how much was left ...

what's left?

What's that? One and a half inches perhaps. You see what's left of the CC. Well I started out with the correct gauge, but I think I loosened up as I went along and I just used up the yarn quicker that way. Not enough to notice any difference in the scarf though. But it goes to show you need to check your gauge more than once and more than twice as you work on your project. Sometimes you're more relaxed than other moments and that can change your gauge as you work. Did I learn my lesson? [probably not; you'll hear about it again I'm sure.]

I solved my yarn shortage by switching to a smaller hook for the border and crocheting two rows together every once in awhile. Why the c2tog? Well it prevented a ruffle effect that I noticed was happening when I was making the border twice before. So I solved that problem at the same time I was trying to extend the yarn.

Here it is blocked. I'll have a friend take a picture of me wearing it tonight.

Crocheted Aztec Scarf

Note that it's 2 sided. I don't consider it a 'right' or 'wrong' side because each side is it's own texture and pattern. I love it! The colors are not only a wonderful contrast but different from what I usually wear. Got to "step out of the mold" once in awhile right? You bet.

Remember that Glow in the Dark Yarn, Night Lights?

Spook that glows-in-th-dark

It's a Spook Pin! It'll be down at SSFY on display and for Mazie to wear at Halloween. You might see a little blue in it ... but that's just the fabric glue still wet. I hadn't let it dry completely yet when I took the picture. BTW, this yarn glows a green color in the dark. Spooky! As for the pattern ... well, I made it up as I went along then glued it to black felt and cut out the felt just a little beyond the ghost. Sewed a pin on the back.

I have plans for more delights from this yarn ... so stay tuned.
Spook that glows-in-th-dark Ooooooooooo

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