Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off the track from knitting ...

Crochet and Felting sneaks into my house now and then.

It's only temporary ... although I can do all 3 at once. I still have the knitting bug but I've been sidetracked by the enthusiasm of others. Or is it because I'm so easily distracted. Everything appeals to my senses. If I could have the time ... I would even Cross Stitch. There's some sheep pictures I've been wanting so much to make and hang on my walls. *Sigh*

Well I sent off a package to a friend and since she let me know this morning that she got it, I can now post some pictures. She won the little contest I had awhile back and I wanted to put something more into the box than just the magazine I promised, as a surprise. So I dressed up one of the coffee cup sleeves for her with needle felting.

Coffee Cup Jacket

and then I needle felted a ...

Knitter Chain Pull

Knitter's Zipper Pull.

There's a flip side also ... Knitter Chain Pull

Just a little something ... for enjoyment.

Don't you just love this card? You can find them at Bottman Design Shop.
She's one of Laini's Ladies. I've bought a lot of them for special occasions but this one of course, is my favorite. Card for a Knitter

One crochet project (I have another in progress) was finished this morning but I'll take pictures tonight at Community Knitting. It's a little something unexpected maybe.

I want to glow on forever!

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