Friday, July 10, 2009

Where am I at on what I'm doing these days?

Before I go on & on about either knitting or crocheting, I want to announce our 10 year anniversary today. DH spent yesterday afternoon with his oldest daughter and I came home to see this package sitting on the table ...


"This is for you, but for TOMORROW," said my smiling sweetheart. "I bought it myself," he said. I love this guy. He was so proud to have this for me to open up tomorrow (well today).

I'm taking him out to dinner tonight. To our favorite restaurant, Finz!

I've been working on 2 WIPs this past week. Not missing in action, but sometimes I feel like I'm missing. The Crochet Shawl is continuing to put me to sleep on the commuter rail into work & on the way home too. But I have only one more skein left to go. I'm ready to be SO DONE with this! I'm going to let Courtney of A Yarn Tale at my LYS (the new owner) put it on display since she has the book, Plus Size Crochet: Fashions That Fit & Flatter the pattern is in. If you're new to crochet; this is a perfect project for you but note that there is an error in the pattern. It's missing a 'chain 2' in the second row after doing the 5 dc shell. But easy to make once you know about the missing chains.


Of course I had to start another project. You know I'm a "starter" right? But this one I will finish by next week. I'm doing it for Seed Stitch Fine Yarn to put on display and help promote the new yarn line by Blue Sky Alpaca. It's called Spud & Chloe. It's a Cotton & Wool blend. Has the smooth feeling of cotton but not the scratch of wool. The flexibility of wool and the warmth without being too warm. Does that make sense? If you don't care for wool around your neck, you won't feel it in this yarn. I love working with it!

The project is called the Aztec Scarf by Amy O'Neill Houck. Now this is an Intermediate crochet pattern. I plan to give a one day 2 hour workshop on this scarf in November. Come join me!


And last but not least ... Glow in the Dark Yarn?


What do you suppose I plan to do with this?

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