Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quick note and then I`m out of here ...

I finished my Tropicana socks!

The pictures aren't great, but I don't want to wait until I get my good camera out.... so here's what I got right now at work. Notice how nice they go with my fancy pants? I wasn't sure about these socks at first and of course I struggled with the 'short-row' heels, but now that they're on my feet ... I love 'em!

Now I have to take a break from socks ... weeeeellll, on any fancy socks at any rate [maybe]. You know ... the kind I have to wrap-my-mind-around. I must make something for the DH for his Birthday. That's not too far away either ... September 10th. He showed me a picture from one of my books of a hat he liked. So I am going to knit that hat. I MUST knit that hat ... he's been pretty tolerate of me and my obsession ... "your fantastic obsession" as he says.
Once he said that, I knew ...

He desires a good warm hat for his birthday!

Additional note:
The DH just called and he's taking me and his sister out for a wine tasting and an appetizer dinner tonight. It's being held at Stromberg's in Salem just at the Bridge that takes you into Beverly. Right on the water.

And this is the view we'll have sitting under the Black Lobster Tent. It's open air and on the water's edge with the view of the river, bay & bridge. They have live music also. Last week we listened to a Blues gatarist. It was really lovely out and we had lot's of fun. Hey, even the sea food dinner was EXCELLENT!

Do you suppose he just read my Blog? Naaaah, never!


aija said...

Yay for his appreciation of your fantastic obsession :) Great socks btw!

Ayman said...

Keep it blazin


Dipsy said...

Wow, I looove these Tropicanas, they're truly awesome! Oy, poor you, having to take a break from knitting socks - I solved this problem: I'm doing socks for CM too ;)