Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stop me from spending it all!

Just look at what I've bought in just only the past two weeks.
Somebody has GOT to get me under control!

First it was some sock yarn ... I was looking for solid colors and found it at Fun Knits store.
Opal sock yarn ... and I've got plans for it.

Then I got some more books. Well what else is new? I love books!
And I saw the opportunity to buy a few Elizabeth Zimmerman's books ... which is well worth collecting and I've been wanting to collect more than the first 2 I had anyway. And Hit By A Farm is on my reading list, after I finish Needled to Death by Maggie Shefton ... which I'm half done with already and even ordered her next book, A Deadly Yarn. Yegads, I must be going nuts! Stop me before I spend it all! The kids are going to inherit yarn, books, knitting needles and misc. STUFF ... and at this rate there might be a Spinning Wheel thrown in too boot. But NO money!! Mooola will be all spent at this rate kids.

Then ... Sock blockers from Knitted Interrupted - Leggy Creations. To hang in my laundry room as pieces of Art rather than to actually block socks. IF, I block socks I usually use the coat hanger method. You can hang them up and the hangers were only $1.98 a dozen from Walmart. Plastic coated ... so you can hang wet items to dry.

It doesn't stop here ... August 16 a new yarn shop in Salem will open called Seed Stitch Fine Yarn on 10 Front Street. See the knitted bathing suit in the window. Ugh, who would ever wear a knitted bathing suit? But the shop looks really interesting. It has a long table down the middle with chairs or either side also ... classes maybe? Or a spot to sit & sample some yarns? Or a place for knitters to get together with their new yarn & needles purchases and chat? Well, I aim to find out!

If only I could go in, look around, and NOT buy more yummy yarn and what-nots ... aaahh, Who am I kidding??


Julia said...

Hi Rhonda - the mantra you want is "use what you have." Shopping sure is fun, though. I've never seen the coat hanger method of drying socks before - that's clever! And your socks are looking great!

Dorothy said...

Love your socks.

All I've got to say is, can't take it with you and it's good for kids to earn their own way. Teaches them to value and respect the dollar. ;)

Big help, eh?

Rhonda said...

You are a lost cause. Just like the rest of us. You have been assimilated. KNIT ON!

aija said...

I love those sock blockers too, she does such great work.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh my gawd... Let me check the next flights to your place from Innsbruck... I'm coming over and keep you from spending *evil laugh* Imagine us both hitting yarn- or book stores? Oops :) Credit card withdrawl, perhaps?? But you know, girl, you deserve that! There's times when you give to others, and there's times when you have to give yourself some goodies! I mean, how cope with this life if we wouldn't have our little (or bigger) joys? And the joy that you have, you'll give back to others, so they have their positive share as well!
And hey, if you don't mind, do drop me an email please, telling me about these mysteries that you bought - I'm a die-hard mystery fan, always on the lookout for new authors (and I don't know the ones you mentioned yet), but I always have to know a bit more about their style to write before I hit the stores :=)
Enjoy your goodies!

Rhonda said...

Oh Dipsey, we would have so much fun shopping together! Shopping & knitting ... that's my dream. Join me any time, kiddo!!

Shelley said...

Yeah...I know how you feel about spending all the money on yarn and knitting stuff. I need to stop for awhile too or I'll have none left during school. I'll need money to live off and pay for my flute lessons too...buying yarn (or not buying it) is a real temptation for me.