Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do I dare to begin again?

Well I'm going to get it a try and tell you about my weekend. Won't sound as nice as what I typed up the first time. I honestly should type in Word what I want to say and then just copy it to blogger, but I'm afraid I'll get burned doing that also. Most of the time I know that once I post I can't go back in and edit. Well not on this old computer anyway. [Here's hoping for a new one SOON.]

My weekend was beautiful!

Started out with knitting up a scarf. The Potato Chip Scarf from Knit Picks! See I had this one skein of Reynolds Garden Tweed that was past out as a free sample at last Fall's Boston Knit Out

[BTW, this year it's being held on September 30, 2007 at the Boston Common].

I loved the colors in the yarn and wanted to do something with it, but it was only 72 yards. It's 40% Cotton, 35% Linen, 20% Viscose, & 5% Nylon. A little rough, I think but I liked the colors and knew I had to include it with another yarn. Found what I needed ... Knit Picks Main Line with is 75% Pima Cotton & 25% Merino Wool. Soft! So I knew that was the one that had to be against my neck if I put both into a scarf.

So here it is ... finished and ready to wear.

But now it's time to go up to Portsmouth and meet up with my friend, Dee.

I've known Dee for around 15 years now from back in the days when I worked for The New Hampshire American Lung Association. That was before I got married and moved to MA ... and started working at M.I.T. Dee is now with Southern NH Service, Inc. a volunteer service and is the Director of Volunteers. Dee and I were in a group outside of work called the "Knit Wits", LOL. [or did just her Hubby call us that?] We were both crocheters back then.

I couldn't resist the call for help to donate yarn to the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program. Neither could the M.I.T. SnB group, Victoria at Seed Stitch and Dottie from Community Night Knitting. There are 30 knitters in the group and some are shut-ins. All are active volunteers.

My DH & I met Dee & her Hubby in Portsmouth to hand over a car trunk load of yarn & pattern books. Feels really good to help out ....

Thanks to everyone for donating for others to keep knitting & crocheting for charity!

We had a nice visit over lunch at Fat Belly's and then of course we had to do some shopping while in a neat little place like Portsmouth. And even tho I didn't find a yarn shop ... there were plenty of other places to go into and window shop in and pick up little gifts for family AND ...

Oh why can't I resist sheep? Did you notice this gal in my last post? Sitting right there on the arm of my knitting chair. That's right ... she's a handbag made by Jellycat. And I fell in love with her! I'm going to use her for my "At home Sock knitting bag." I might even carry her to Community Knitting night, LOL.

So we shopped and walked about Portsmouth ... before the big storm hit on Sunday.

Sunday was a good day to be hunkered down and knitting ... and I did work on my socks. I also found some patterns online for the
garter stitch short row heels . In case you want to try 'em out.

I love my "Inside Out garter stitch short row heel sock!"

So now say that 10 times fast!

Isn't that a beautiful heel tho? No holes!!

And then I started and finished another project. See? I'm wearing 'em ....

Yup ... Hehehe, I've gone NUTS! I'm now knitting tiny mini sock earrings. Pattern
is from Los Lobe Hose and the needle size is 0000.

That's right kids, size 0000!!
Have you tried these yet? Hey, they are so cute. I want to knit more. Okay, so I really am NUTS ... I even had to use those magnifying glasses you see in the background in one of these pictures. But ... the sock itself is so easy to knit. Really!

So I completed the pair in one afternoon!


clothesknit said...

cute earrings! don't go knitting yourself blind on those teensy tiny socks!

Sue J. said...

Wow! 0000? That's some tiny knitting, but the sock earrings are so cute. So glad you had a nice weekend with your friend. And the heel on those big socks looks great. That's one I haven't heard about.

Kena said...

I have the ear ring pattern, but have not been brave enought to knit them up!!!

Shelley said...

So glad you were able to post today!

What darling cute little sock earrings! My goodness they are tiny!

aija said...

Those earrings are so cool!!! I can't even fathom the size of those needles, though :)

Rhonda said...

0000 needles! You are nuts!, but arn't we all. (just a little) I guess I'll have to post my sheep soon too.

crissy said...

omg gal you have gone over the edge and i feel the line tugging at me feet not to long and i may join you so make room at the bottom of the sock knitting pit for me LOL as i type this my mind is racing wondering if i even have a size 0000 needles i think i do in fact LOL silly me i think i do.
hummmmmmm and i am thinking about yarn too while i am typing this . hummmmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmmm hummmmm
ok enough of that . time to get back to the insanity of dish cloths LOL i am so so glad to see your weather is allowing you out mine is too. ok got to run hugs and love and tons of prayers from me crissy in alaska

jackie said...

Those are too cute! How many yards did the pattern call for? Or was the "yardage" in inches?

monica said...

I donated 2 garbage bags of yarn to an elementary school this year. I love it that a volunteer in the school is teaching the kids to knit and crochet. Made me feel good to give it to them and DH was elated to get it out of the house:) Love you earring socks!!

Sarah said...

Love those earrings! How great y'all dropped off all that yarn! Sounds like a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

My mom is into jewelery making, as well as some other crafts, such as sculpting Santa's for charity. I already have knitted some stockings for Santa, now I have more ideas to collaborate with her on. Thanks!

haddy said...

I just love riding the train. It affords so many great run-ins with fascinating people. So glad I met you Friday. By the way, I was on my way to Portsmouth that night and got to visit the Yarn Basket there. Tiny little shop filled to the brim with wool!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, I *so* adore these tiny earrings - they must be the cutest things I've seen for long!!!
It seems you had such an awesome weekend - yay for that, you totally deserved it, my friend!

Dove Knits said...

Sock earrings! So cute!