Friday, April 13, 2007

The One Sock Syndrome?

I'm walking on the "wild side" knitting two socks at once!

Not unusual for a lot of knitters to be knitting more than one sock at the same time tho. And I also know many have the "One Sock Syndrome" going on and don't get to the second sock for a long time, if ever. But I've already got the second sock for each of these babies on the needles and ready to "turn the corner" to the half way mark.

Well the Painted Dessert socks are cuff down, with flap heel construction. I'm ready to do the flap. It's my Commuting Sock project. The one I keep in my travel bag and knit on the train to and from work. I'm doing a simple easy pattern and I love the look. The yarn is "Trekking pro natura" ... 75% New Wool and 25% bamboo. Feels nice!

Then there's the Sock's That Rock ...

The "Inside Out Sock". Which means you can wear it on either side with just a different look. So far I'm liking the inside best. So I might make it my "right" side. It's constructed from the toe up. I'm using dpn's. This is a tricky pattern but interesting. Yarn is medium weight. The toe is a short row toe done in garter stitch on size 0 needles. The foot is in a ribbing on size 00 needles [that's right ladies & gentlemen -- size 00] until the foot measures 7 1/4 inches. I usually just do 7 inches and then a 2 inch flap before turning the heel. But the pattern said 1 3/4 inch before the end of your foot and guess what. It works great!

This one is a short row heel done in garter stitch. I have to switch back to size 0 needles when I start the garter stitch here. Now I always admitted that I didn't really like the short row heels. I tried 3 different ways of doing them. They just didn't fit as comfortably as I like them and I always thought they looked sloppy. I don't like holes and I got them no matter what. I heard some knitters go back and stitch the holes closed. ... sorry but I just don't want to bother doing that. Yet I really don't like the look of the holes either.

Plus, I have the added annoyance of this type of sock sliding down my heel and I have to keep pulling them up the same as Debbieknitter does. I much prefer the fit of the flap heel ... the traditional heel. Until now ... why? Because the garter stitch leaves NO HOLES kids! I would love to give you this pattern ... I'm afraid it belongs to Blue Moon Fiber Arts. But I think their sock patterns become available the following year after the club members get them.

Did I finish my Spring cleaning?
Well the painting is coming along ...


Sue J. said...

Lovely socks, Rhonda. No SSS for you. I loved working with Pro Natura. And what can I say about STR except yum, yum, yum. Enjoy your weekend.

Shelley said...

I love both socks and the colours of both, though I think I like the Painted Desert ones a little more (the colours that is).

Sorry to hear about the tea cozy contest problems. It's so unfair that people were taking advantage of their system. At least now things should hopefully work out. Best of luck - I hope you win!

Brenda said...

Both socks look great! I'm glad you have not succumb to SSS. Have a great weekend!

Dipsy said...

Wow - you're doing some lovely socks there! What a great pattern the "Inside Out" one has, and the colours of both rock big time! Very beautiful!
Yay for spring cleaning - I still have to do mine and I'm so not looking forward to it! I planned on doing one room a day which wouldn't be a problem at all - or so I thought... But you know, all these distractions... All this knitting ;)
Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Love the socks. The painted desert color is great! I dropped the socks that rock club this year, I love their yarn, though. I'm glad I can catch up on the patterns next year, because I miss getting them. If I commuted, that would be such happy knitting time. I love to make someone else drive anywhere more than about 5 miles so I can knit.

susan said...

Lovely socks, I do love knitting socks, not a huge amount of time for some new loveliness to wear.

Our hall is a similar colour to your room, we've just finished painting to day. I have to put the rest of the books back on the book cupboards tomorrow.

Kena said...

The socks are great!! The "inside out" sounds interesting.

Sorry to hear about the Tea Cozy contest....where have all the honest people gone!!! :-(

When your done with your spring cleaning, I will email ya my address!!! :-)

DebbieKnitter said...

Well you have been a busy young lady now haven't you *giggle* ya know, you could always send the socks my way and I'll wear them and tell you of the heels stay up *cheesy smile*
I LOVE the inside out socks and I am VERY proud you have not come down with SSS. I hear the cure for it is you have to knit with crappy acrylic yarn for a year.....oh, and not the soft acrylic in the cute colors, the scrathy bland colors. :)

Kim said...

I have been loving seeing everyone's inside-out socks from the STR sock club. I hope they decide to sell it after the club ends.