Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Needed a Change ...

As some of you have already noticed, I updated my Bl0gger Template and added comments by Haloscan. I wanted to do something about being able to answer comment questions without trying to hunt all over for email address etc. So I'm hoping Haloscan will be the answer I needed. Unfortunately tho, all of my old comments seem to be lost. I guess. Not sure it they can be brought back. Or did I do something wrong? Well I guess it'll be just like starting over. At least my pictures are here and I'll continue to add things that are missing or change more of my New Look.

I do have some knitting news ....

My STR club socks are done!
Presenting the "Inside Out" socks. Left foot has outside and Right foot has inside. And before you ask ... I think I like the inside best.

Oh yah, and ... I don't know who won the tea cozy contest yet.

Just try not to think about it! LOL

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