Monday, April 23, 2007

A wonderful weekend!

At last we have some sun ALL weekend! Comfortable temperatures and it's easy to find a reason to get out and about. Went Antiquing with the kids ... a DD and SIL up the seacoast thru Essex into Gloucester. Sat outside on a deck at Periwinkles in Essex, MA for lunch.

And of course I spent a little money in a couple of the antique stores. They're not antiques, but one is old and the other is funny. [with wool appliqué too] Since I live in Salem, MA, I thought we needed a couple of black cats.

It was also a great weekend to finish a couple of projects. The first one was completed out on the back patio while I sat in the morning sun. That was before we got the call to go antiquing ... and I got a quick picture. I must knit a pair of sock earrings to go with these also!

Ah spring ... I finally got to see the crocus open up before they pass on until next Spring.

Oh ya ... I've got YARN PORN too!

Got my recent purchases out so that I can make my plans on the next two projects to get working on. One for at home and the other while commuting on the train, remember? I'd like to start a Summer sweater shell, but I also want to work on a special project for a friend and still work on socks while commuting. Ah, what to do, what to do? Well for you're enjoyment, here are a bunch of pictures to get your taste buds going and work up an appetite to knit more ...
And this one is for you, Rhonda. Happy National Sheep Day!

I'm hoping someone will add to my flock, 'coz other than the pocketbook and my measuring tape, this is the only sheep I have. [Yup, Haddy I knit her myself. Has a sister still on the needles too.] But I can't imagine anyone having as many as Rhonda at Knit Obession does. I don't even think I have enough room for that many.

What size flock do you have? Go ahead ... Show Me Your Sheep!


Sue J. said...

Oh yum, what a wonderful way to start the week with gorgeous pictures of yarn! You have a couple of sock yarn dyers/producers I haven't heard about before. Off I go to check them out. Glad you had a great weekend.

haddy said...

Wasn't it great to see the sun this weekend?!
Gorgeous stash photos. I love the energy from new yarn and starting a project. Thanks for posting Sophie's Toes. I had been trying to remember the name you told me Friday.
Did you knit that sheep?

clothesknit said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oh that sheep is so cute!
You needed those black cats, too, they are pretty funny... what DID you decide to start next?

susan said...

Lovely lovely yarn.

the only sheep I have is,like yours, one that is a tape measure. But it's so sweet!