Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guess what !!

I won, I won, I won!

The results of the tea cozy contest at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn came in last night. [well really it was Tuesday night, but they had computer troubles & no one got the notice.]

I know that so many of you were pulling for me or actually went down there and voted. Some were so kind as to go down and vote again when the first week of entries had been thrown out. And many people I didn't even know, voted for my "Little Felt-Tea Farm." So I thank you one and all! It's been fun and I know it could have been one of the other lovely tea cozies that could have won instead of mine. I hear that everyone who entered will also get a thank you gift. Congratulations are due to everyone!

Now don't think I've forgotten my promise to celebrate if I won. I'll be posting later today who won what prize for helping me to "Name My Tea Cozy".

I'm so excited I've decided to send out 4 prizes!

Tell ya more later.

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