Thursday, April 20, 2006

The "Pied Piper" of Knitters,

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee the "Yarn Harlot" will be at Porter Square Books today 4:30 to 6:00 and you better believe I will be there. But how could I forget my camera? I did remember to put all three of her books [to convince or twist her arm into signing all 3 for me] into my giant briefcase shoulder-bag . But how did I forget to but my camera in? It's sometimes like my 3rd hand ... always there for the next opportune shot.

I had to spend time this morning switching my stuff & the books from my backpack to the briefcase. I had to do it because I have an awful problem with my right shoulder [suffered thru a cortisone shot just yesterday] and need to keep any undo pressure off of it. Believe me, 3 books in the bag can be a lot of pressure. So naturally I forgot something. I do have a camera phone, but lol I don't know how to download pictures from it. I guess I will just have to take a few pics to keep on my phone & enjoy the memory of the event that way.

Ah, but the terrific knitters of the M.I.T. S'nB group will be there also and a few have offered to share their pictures with me. [oh thank you, thank you, thank you] In fact, I'm riding over with a few of them.
This is going to be so fun! See you there ...
"You knit too much when . . . You will check out a book from the library just because you heard that one of the characters knits." At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Or in my case, you buy the book. Yeegads, don't tell the DH!!


Kim (MIT SB '97) said...


The easiest way I know to get a photo off my phone is to email it to myself. I have a Verizon phone and it allows you to "send picture" to an email address.

I so wish I still lived in Cambridge and could go to Porter Square books! I used to love to go to the Cottonwood Cafe in that same mall for brunch and mango margaritas. (They have since moved to Back Bay.)

Shelley said... get to meet the Yarn Harlot! Sheesh...she lives in my country and I haven't seen her yet! Course, she probably hasn't come down east...