Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some thanks and a new group project ...

First I want to thank Julie for the prize she's sending on its way to me ...

I signed up for JulieLoves2Knit "Lets Get Organized" group and won the beaded row counter for circular knitting [which she made]. Take a look at the one she had made for herself. I just love it! And can't wait to get mine. Of course, she told me once that they were easy to make and I could easily make one too ... BUT since I never had the time to make one of my own, what could be better than WINNING?? Huh? I tell ya, Julie it'll be much more special to me because YOU made it! Thanks again.

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I can't resist doing something for a little girl. And since it's knitting for a sick little girl, I'm in! Grace just had a birthday and her Auntie Cindy would like to organize something special for her. Isn't she just a doll [as well as her little sister]! If anyone else who sees this, would like to join in, sign up with ... Two Wooden Stick and a Ball of Wool.

Cynthia would like to make her a blanket for her trips to the hospital for treatments and when she has her chemo at home also. She's thinking of pink squares, any range of pink. 5" squares. This little girl loves all shades of pink & flowers. If Cynthia gets enough squares, she will also make another blanket to donate to another young girl fighting cancer.

Hope she gets LOTS of pink squares!


canknitian said...

Every time I find another person who's working on squares for Grace I feel all warm and fuzzy!

Oh, and it's pay day today and I think I might just go out and pick up some containers for my yarn. ;)

Cynthia said...

Thanks for being such an enthusiastic supporter Rhonda, you rock!

BTW congrats on the row counter, very nice. Way to go girl!