Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring is here!

Wow, what a time I've had with Blogger. They had to get help to fix the glicht it was in I guess. Hopefully, all is fixed now.

I had just a little to say from the weekend anyway ... such as enjoying the flowers in my backyard finally. Only, it was too cold to sit out there long. Our Cherry tree should be in full bloom this coming weekend. I sure hope it's nice enough to have a small cookout or at least sit out and knit under the trees.

I got the yoga mat bag from Knitty finished for my sister. I'll be sending it out as a "Congratulations on your 6 Month Anniversary of Non-smoking!" gift. I didn't have a normal size yoga mat [mine is fat like me, lol] ... so I put my tripod inside to take this picture. Fit good, but it was too heavy (the tripod) so I couldn't show it slung over my shoulder.

Anyway, I thought it came out nice ... I think I'll make one for myself. This one is in acrylic yarn but I'll make mine in cotton/acrylic blend.

Now I've got to finish my herd of sheep ... happy knitting!


Cynthia said...

Rhondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I love the bag! And I can't believe your flowers; we are just starting to get green here - some bluebells and lily of the valley but your bleeding hearts are so pretty and the hyacinths. O I love spring!

Shelley said...

What pretty flowers! Things are still pretty bare here...not even the trees are in leaf/bud yet, but soon I would think. The crocuses that were up a few weeks back are pretty much dead now...they don't last that long. But, come summer, there will be tons of flowers around here!

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Hey - it's not fair - flowers and The Yarn Harlot - lucky you!!!

Anny said...

And you garden too! Love the hyacinths(?) I just want to eat them (though I realise they're not edible...they just look that good ;0)

Hey, congrats to your sis. What a great reward you've knit for her.

Good luck wit the sheep. Heehee!