Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So what's up?

As sweet as the DH can be, while we were out to dinner last night he casually said, "Oh ya I noticed the sweater you have on the ironing board was wet, so I threw it into the dryer for you." ...
*pregnant pause* ...
[we're talking about a 100% wool sweater here.] "Did I do good?" ... of course he couldn't resist giving me a grin. So I asked, "Do you have your life insurance paid up?" Oh that funny man!

While the blue cardigan sweater in blocking, I'm working on a sock as usual. It's the best train traveling project to have in my bag and keeps me occupied while getting into work.

This one is being knit up with Cascade Yarns Fixation, a Cotton Elastic blend. The sock is coming out nice, but I'm not so sure I enjoy knitting with this yarn. Wool has a much better feel on the hands I think.

Notice that I knit my socks from the toe up with two circular size one needles. I love the fact that I can try on my sock as many times as I want without loosing a stitch. It's encouraging to see how much I've got done as I go also. I still have the other sock to make and I would do both at the same time ... IF it didn't take any concentration ... but train knitting has to be simple knitting for this knitting to keep me happy.

Some blue yarn still left after knitting both the sweater and the scarf, so I'm creating a headband with it. For those cool, but not too cold mornings, waiting for the train. The station is down by the canal in Salem and the wind can be chilly blowing across the water. Just might enjoy having a light headband in my bag to pull out on those mornings.

So the knitting beat goes on ...

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Anny said...

Oh, that husand of yours! My heart stopped just reading that! LOL!!!

I also wanted to tell you how sweet and beautiful your great grand-daughter looks (and how sweet and beautiful you looked holding her ;0)

Congratulations again!