Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saga of the blue sweater that GREW continues ...

Is it finished yet? Well maybe I can at least show my face when I wear it, huh?

Okay, here it is. Washed in warm water and dryed in a dryer. It did felt a little and considering it was WAY too big for me before, this isn't bad. Only have to roll the sleeves up once now. The back isn't bad either, but looking at this 2nd picture, you might think otherwise.

But that's only because of the way I'm holding it open. What do you think?Should I leave well enough alone now? Or should I give it one more washing? It is really nice & cozy right now and I'll wear it around the house at LEAST. But then I might want it a little more fitted to wear to work. M-m-m-m, but I have to be careful ... unless I loose some more weight around my middle, it might not fit me if it shrinks too much.
Dicey decisions here, hey?

Yesterday I also got my delivery from Kpixie. Eight Allhemp3 . cinnamon and 1 Allhemp3 . dusty rose. I thought about using the dusty rose for a lacy scarf maybe.

and the cinnamon for a short sleeve sweater like this only maybe one from out of the book, Classic Knits for Real Women. My body is a little more "real" than Knit & Tonic's who is not only younger & thinner but perhaps more real for the lucky few. Pretty too!

I think I'm going to like this yarn once I figure out what I had planned on knitting with it ...


FemiKnitMafia said...

Yep, sure looks better. How does it feel?

Shelley said...

I like the look of the sweater! I also think it looks good on you too!

JulieLoves2Knit said...

I like the sweater and thinks it looks great on you - comfortable and very wearable!!

Anny said...

Rhonda, that colour looks awesome on you! The sweater looks very cozy too. If you decided to keep it as is for around the house(though it looks totally wearable out there in the world too ;0), you should knit something else in that colour.

The cinnamon sweater looks very promising too!

Have a great Easter Weekend!