Saturday, March 08, 2008

Another hit and run posting ...

I present to you another FO. The Ruffled Scarf #050 by Mac & Me. I did the 32" in Grignasco Cashmere using size 6 needles. You might wonder if I'm a fast knitter ... when in fact, I'm just persistent. I worked on this while traveling back & forth to work and in reality that's about 2 hours a day. You can get a lot done in 2 hours right? Especially if you're on a train and not driving.


And it helps when it's an easy mindless knit ... which this one was. PDRM3334_edited
It is so soft around the neck too. Plus I have enough yarn left over to knit a neck-warmer for a gift to a friend. I don't think she's in the habit of reading my blog but if she was, she'd know who I meant. She's been trying to get this one from me ever since I started it.
PDRM3349_edited PDRM3346_edited
And not everything falls on deaf ears!

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