Sunday, March 16, 2008

What more can I say?

Every bear has it's own "Life Force". Cute, don't you think?

Sara's bear is still developing ... but going really well.
Sara's Teddy

He needed a becoming hairdo ...Making the head of Sara's Teddy

Linda's Teddy has a winning surprise look on his face ... "Happy birthday... who me?"

Linda's Teddy and

Pamela's Teddy is ready to go home too but I have a feeling Pamela has a lot more planned for him. He definitely has a terrific style of his own don't you think? Love him!

Pamela's Teddy

Now I do believe that every one of those bears are so cute and filled with their own wonderful personality. Even my own Blue Blue had developed "attitude"!

Rhonda's Blue Bear

BTW, Blue Bear was started yesterday so he would be ready today for demonstration of how to put a bear together. So I did have 4 hours of more work put into him. I hope the girls will send me finished pictures of theirs when they're ready.

And I also hope everyone had a good time. I know that I did!

instead ... he's got "attitude" Now about that attitude ...
trying to give teddy "personality"

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