Saturday, March 15, 2008

So much to do ... so little time!

That's the story of my life.
And it takes time to keep producing those hexagons too ...

Hexagons for Bedspread

Of course it's my own fault that there's so much to do. I keep starting something new before I even finish the ton of things I've already started. Such as this little green number I started last Summer ...


Well I did get all the pieces seamed this week and now I only have to pick up the stitches to do the collar section at the neckline and sew in all the ends & the two buttons. I intended to have it done for St. Patrick's day. And IF it happened to fit me [over a turtle neck jersey of course] I'll wear it on Monday. But will it really happen? I have that "Sculpture with Wool" class I'm giving tomorrow, so where is the TIME going to come from?

What else happened this week? Well ... I wanted to start some Spring cleaning [not that kind of cleaning] by using up left over balls of yarn or give it away. But who would want it right? Well some of it is so pretty, I might just roll it up and put it into a bowl on the coffee table. Gosh, how original is that, huh? [I'm not serious; I'm sure you have a bowl sitting out somewhere already.]

And then I discovered a project to use up the left-over sock yarn. You know how there's usually a small ball left after knitting a pair of socks for the small to average foot ... too big to throw out, yet too small to make another pair of socks? Well maybe one for a baby, but not always. Depends on the yarn company it came from. I can knit some sock earrings, but that doesn't take much more that a few feet.

See this is just a SMALL pile of the left overs [there's more, trust me] I have stashed away ...

What to do with left overs

Well I discovered the Tissue Sweater Cozy by!

So in my spare time, I've whipped up just a couple ...


And a couple more to sew up along the edges and into the "gift giving" basket they'll go. Now isn't that a niffy idea?

Tissue Cover
Tissue Cover

Oh gosh ... there's more to show you but I just suddenly started feeling a little "overwhelmed".

I better go fix dinner. Let's hope there's some wine to go with it!

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