Thursday, March 20, 2008

F = Florida ... and

That's where I'm going for Easter. To see Mom. Two brothers, two sisters, 3 nephews, and 1 niece. [see picture on your right][I love this picture!] Wait ... there's also another niece and a grand-niece, nephew, 2 BIL's & 2 SIL's too. Wait, wait ... 3 aunts & 2 uncles also. All the ones that live in FLORIDA that is. So F = Family too!

Besides ...

I've been looking every day under my trees in the back yarn for theses ...

[note: picture taken in my backyard last year.]

Haven't found a single one yet. Where's Spring? I want to see and FEEL spring. I want to see Flowers ... 'coz F = Flowers too!

Only flowers I've seen so far is on FabricNFiberFanatic's blog and I do believe you took those LAST year, Sara. Even last year I had the pleasure of a Hibiscus blooming right in our dining room before a single crocus came up. But not this year.

[note: picture taken in my dining room last year.]

Look out the window ... there isn't even any leaves on the trees yet.

So I'm looking forward to going to the land of Flowers ...

FLORIDA here I come!

P.S. Leaving on Saturday and will be back on Wednesday night ...

Don't wait up!

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