Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where do I start?

So much to do. So much has to be done. I did just a little knitting while I was gone. Simple knitting. And after giving away 4 of the tissue pack cozies I had made the week before, I knit up at least 5 more while sitting and talking or on the airplane coming home. Those will go into a give-away basket. You know ... to draw from as I need something to gift.

Then I got my swatch for the Mystic Light Shawl KAL done.Mystic Light Swatch The swatch is then put into a wrist-warmer or maybe it's call a "wristlette" or something like that.
wristlet swatch for mystic light shawl
I'm going to be using Brooklyn Handspun Signature [BTW, it's my all-time favorite sock yarn] in the color Raspberry Tart since the designer said that a fingering weight yarn would work best with the cables. But I also wanted a little orange in the mix so I am also using Malabrigo Lace in the color Amorosa. Signature is a finer sock yarn than most, so with lace yarn knit along with it; it then becomes closer to the fingering weight I needed I think and gives me a little more change in color for a red-pink-orange sunset effect I want to get. Well I'll cast on for the shawl this weekend to see how it works. I've got to catch up since the next clue comes out Wednesday.

Then I reproduced a scarf for Seed Stitch Fine Yarn to put on display.
Do you know why?

I'll be teaching a beginner's class in crochet at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn April 20, 27 & May 4th. One to 3 pm Sundays afternoons. We'll be making this scarf, which includes some basic crochet stitches [ch, sc, hdc, dc, tr]. Just a few finishing touches to do and then I'm ready for my 1st class.

If you'd like to see what those crochet abbreviations mean, check out

AND last but not least ... I can't seem to spend a Thursday at SSFY without doing some shopping while I'm there right?! What do you suppose THIS is? kit-78 "Kushu Kushu" merino & silk stainless Scarf

Have you seen the "Kushu Kushu" merino & silk stainless Scarf Kits yet? kit-78 "Kushu Kushu" merino & silk stainless Scarf So cool! They're from Japan and this kit contains a roll of super fine merino [mine is in Grey] and a roll of silk stainless steel yarn [mine in Purple]. Yup, you heard me right ... Stainless STEEL. Suprisingly soft! I Had to have it!! [There are other beautiful Habu kits for a jacket, bag, sweater etc. also at SSFY if you want to go check 'em out.]

And did you notice the bag the scarf yarn sitting on?josh jakus bag Yup, it's a bag!

It zip's up into this ... josh jakus bag
A Josh Jakus bag!

Oh how I love to touch it; look at it; carry it ...

It's WOOL FELT~! Did you expect something else? LOL

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