Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring "To Do" List ... or

What's going down in Stitchingnut's Knitting Basket?

In order to meet Ali's Spring Contest challenge, I'm making a list of what I intend to get done by the end of Spring. What I HOPE to get done ... I can't imagine it will truly happen. But miracles do happen. So here goes ...

1. Finish sewing the ends in on the Cropped Cardigan by Rosemary Drysdale by this next weekend if at all possible. What's taking me so long?

2. Cast on for the Mystic Light KAL that I signed up for today. Good Gosh, I really am NUTS! But I really want to use the Malabrigo Lace that Knits with a Silent K gave me and I think this project will capture my attention and hold it for awhile.

3. Finish the birthday gift I started for a friend ... well it was for Christmas but now its for her birthday and I have a sinking feeling I'll be late for that also. But I'll try. Next weekend. Really. I have at least a week's worth of work to do on it. And I can't tell you what it is because she reads my blog.

4. Continue to work on my Hexagonal Bedspread (a Ravelry link) ... the one you've been hearing & seeing me talk about it already ... the goal is to have it ready to put together by next September. Yah, sure ... I'm working everyday on it as a matter of fact.

5. Cast on for the Mr. Greenjeans (only mine will be Orangejeans) sweater. It's a mini-KAL I'm in with some friends in California. Hope I can keep at this one girls ... would like to say ... finish by June. I'm using Elann Peruvian highland Wool from my Stash under the bed.

6. Knit my first doily "Frosted Fern" by May. I'm using J&P Coats Speed-Cro-Sheen in Navy Blue. Just because I have it in my Stash. It's for me, so I'm in no hurry. But then I might be setting myself up for failure by telling you that, LOL.

7. Knit 5 more hats for next year Christmas gifts. I'd like to have those done by June. Then take stock on whether I want to do more, how many, and for who. Using what I have in my Stash!

8. Finish my Einstein Coat by Sally Melville by July. (this is my mindless knit that I've set aside for awhile now)

9. Work on my Poetry in Stitches to have ready by ... heaven knows when. This is another sweater for myself AND I'm at a very boring part. On size ONE needles no less!

No #10 ... why set myself up for failure, huh?
Hexagons for Bedspread

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