Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A close up of the past weekend ...

Will this clear my fiber conscience do you think?

First, let me go back to last Friday. I failed to tell you how I was invited to Victoria's home (along with others who work at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn) and have dinner with her and Lily Chin. What a nice lady Lily is and what a nice dinner we had at Victoria's. Lily gave a workshop the following day at Seed Stitch, which we all know I was unable to attend.
[my WEB trip had been planned for months.]

Along with the good food there was lot's of conversation and laughter ...

Dinner at Victoria's House 007
Dinner at Victoria's House 004

And of course there was a gathering in the kitchen after dinner ...
Dinner at Victoria's House 003
The best cannoli I've ever had! Dinner at Victoria's House 006

Then on Saturday I did the damage on my credit card ... well it was kept at low level damage because the prices really were pretty darn good. And what yarn did I purchase the most of? Would you believe I really kept my purchases to what I can't get at SSFY? Really. Honestly. But guess what ... No, go ahead and guess ... Okay, I'll tell ya ...

Most of the yarn I bought was LILY CHIN's? Ones not presently carried at SSFY that is.

Lily Chin Chelsea ... a blend of merino wool, cotton and acrylic. Lily Chin
Lily Chin Gotham ...Lily Chin
Prima cotton and wool blend.

BTW, that color looks Blue on your screen right? It's suppose to be a Deep Purple, but my camera didn't seem to see it that way for some reason. I'll have to retake the picture some time.

I also got the Jojoland Rhythm to make the shawl pattern "Autumn" that I bought...
Jojoland Jojoland
Jojoland And would you believe all these color variations are the same colorway for this yarn? They're just wound at different spots I guess. Cool huh?
Here's the pattern I'll be using the yarn for ...
Jojoland "Autumn"

And here is the book "Knit It Now" that I got, along with
Knit It Now

the magazine "Cast On".

Cast On Magazine

Am I done yet?????


Can't forget a whole bag of Noro ...
Noro Noro
I think that's Noro Hotaru, which is 68%Cotton, 32% Polyester. I'm knitting a Noro shawl pattern with that trimmed with the purple Lily Chin Gotham.

And then there are two other yarns that I'm knitting two more Shape It! scarves ... using Plymouth Yarn Shire Silk, 100% silk and Louisa Harding's Mariposa with 52% Viscose 48% Cotton.
Plymouth Yarn Louisa Harding Yarns

Shawl Stick

Did I tell you about the
$6.50 Shawl Stick Pin? I did?

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