Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What? Socks with no toes?!!!

I present my "Save My Pedicure" socks ...

Save My Pedicure Socks

That's right. NO toes.

Save My Pedicure Socks

Altho, I made up my own here's a free pattern here ...

I kept it simple and let the colors in the yarn do the work.
Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun
Colorway: Seed Stitch (named after Seed Stitch Fine Yarn store of course)

Pattern: cast on 56 to 62 (depending on size)
2 x 2 (knit 2, purl 2) ribbing cuff for 8 inches,
Eye of partridge heel and
St St foot for 5 inches
1 inch 2x2 rib before binding off in ribbing.

PDRM3929_edited This sock is so cool ...

But now I have to go get a pedicure ladies!

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