Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shopping again? Didn't I ask nicely ...

For somebody to please STOP Me?!!!!! Isn't anybody listening out there? Don't you just hate to see me going into the poor house? What? You want company? Oh ... okay.

But some purchases have to be made right? After all, I didn't have any of these ...

Erda Bag ... Erda

Just the right size for an evening out when you only need your ID, lip stick, comb, & cell phone. But it's ALSO the right size for holding your SOCK knitting in. And instead of a wallet; why I just need a Credit Card and perhaps some singles or change right?

Regia sock yarn and Erda bag

And of course I had to get the Regia sock yarn (2 skeins) just because I haven't tried Regia yet AND the color looked so nice inside the Erda bag.

And Claudia Handpainted sock yarn only because I got this colorway last year and didn't realize I would need TWO to make a pair of socks. Claudia Hand Painted yarn

There's the Brooklyn Handspun Signature in 8oz skein for knitting my stole in the Mystic Meadows KAL ... in the colorway Prezzie. Oh my, I love this color! It's Purple not Blue btw ... just like these Bungle Weed flowers
in my backyard Buggle Weed in bloom
Brooklyn Handspun

And to top it off, it was hand delivered by Marie (master-dyer of Brooklyn Handspun) who was visiting Seed Stitch Fine Yarn because she'll be doing workshops in July. If you're interested, here are the details ... just call the store 978.744.5545.
July 12 and 13th- Marie Carney, owner of Brooklyn Handspun, is famous for her unique hand dyed yarns in the most amazing color combinations. Marie will be hosting at SSFY, a weekend workshop on spinning and dyeing. Hands on spinning workshop will be on Saturday followed by a dyeing workshop on Sunday. You can dye your own handspun fiber! Weather permitting; we will be presenting both workshops outdoors on our store terrace. Learn to spin with a drop spindle and a wheel then learn both domestic and acid dying techniques. 10:00-3:00 pm both days/$65 each day/$125 for both
Marie and her partner were both delightful! And of course it was really nice to meet the person who dyes my VERY FAVORITE sock yarn. She has a great sense of color and the quality of the yarn is superb.

Cortney and Marie

And did I mention that Seed Stitch now carries Brooklyn Handspun? I get to touch, feel and see the colors up close before I buy now.

So I bought another skein in Seed Stitch ... Brooklyn Handspun

What do you mean ... "I'm uncontrollable"?

I also got my two Shape It! scarves blocked ... Second Shape It! scarf
I just have to take a picture of me wearing this one. It looks so much better when you see it being worn. And I cast on for another one!
This time in Louisa Hardings yarn Maraposa ... Louisa Harding Yarns Remember its one of the purchases from WEBS tent sale.

Now if only I can keep from doing any more shopping ... Seed Stitch Fine Yarn Store

Or at least I should leave my money at home right?
I knew that.

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